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May- August 2015 Assessment Plan

Assessment Plan

This is how we'll be working our assessment. Check you got your workshops posted in your

1st term
Workshops + Written Test: 10+10 = 20/20 30%

* Basic Sentence Structure
* Nominal Phrase
* Verbal Phrase
* Verb Tenses
* Referential Elements
* TOEFL Exercises

3rd term
Workshops + Final Project: 10+10 = 20/20 40%

Monday, May 18, 2015

May- August 2015 Final Project: Illustrating a story

For this project we'll be illustrating the story written by Leo Tolstoy- What men live by. You can download the story here: What men Live By

"What Men Live By" is a short story written by Russian author Leo Tolstoy in 1885. It is one of the short stories included in his collection What Men Live By, and Other Tales, published in 1885.
The story is about a poor shoemaker named Simon and his wife Matrena who, moved by pity, take in a man Simon finds naked and hungry. The man turns out to be more than what Simon thought.

This is a video of the story. It's in Russian. I think. Subtitles are in English.

Here you can listen to the story in an audio book:

How are we doing this?

1. Get in a group of 4 or 5 students. Discuss the story and assign responsibilities within the group.
2. The idea is to tell and illustrate the story. Each group should work in a connected way to collaborate and cooperate in the making of the book.
3. Post the book on line.
4. This book we'll be used by students in lower levels.
5. We will set a presentation of the book in Secondlife.

Group 1
This group should work on the covers of the book + Introduction part. + part 1

Group 2
Part 2, 3, 4 + info about author

Group 3
Parts 5, 6, 7

Group 4
Parts 8, 9, 10

Group 5
Parts 11, 12, 13

This is the link to our Final Project Document in Google Drive:

How to post your work to

This is how you post your work to

After locating and article you consider interesting and useful for the activity you are going to post about, you should copy the link of the article into the box.

Then, will gather the rest of the information in the article (that you can also edit afterwards).

This is a model of how your post should look:

  • Edit the name of the article if it's necessary.
  • include a short description or a quote from the article.
  • Describe what the article is about in a short paragraph.
  • Write your opinion about the article. What's interesting about it? why did you choose it?
  • Add the workshop number and name.
  • Add the link to the drive document. This is where we can find your work.
If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to ask. Contact your professor or classmates and ask for help.

Keep shining Love and Peace!

Monday, May 11, 2015

May-Agust 2015 Curators

Introducing our May- July 2015 Curators

Fashion Design






Book Covers



Vectorizing Thoughts


Illustration tips



Paper Flakes

illustrations and hand made things


Be Creative






On Paper

Illustrations, pop art and comics.
Creative Stuff


visual art

Learning about photoshop 

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Video Lyrics for Peace Part 2

September- December 2014 Class worked really hard on creating video lyrics with songs to promote world peace. These are the works of the different groups:

 “Be the Light” by  One Ok Rock
Video Lyrics by:
Carlos Delgado:

Carlos Delgado's insight:
The song I used for my Video Lyric is “Be the Light” of One Ok Rock. The song is about the hardships that Japan had overcome to rise again from the horrible earthquake and tsunami that shook the region of Tohoku in 2011. It shows how strong the Japanese people are, and how they could endure an earthquake that left all the region devastated.
Even though it was such a hard trial for Japan, they rose up faster than any other nation would have. The key to their success? Cooperation. They stood together, with the help of many countries that helped them, and they were able to rebuild everything in only 6 months.
With cooperation, it is much easier to achieve peace because with it, everybody works for that one who will help them in the future, giving us all the opportunity to live in a happy and harmoniously way.

Graphic Description: The Typography used in at the start of the video is all sober and sad because of the depression of the singer, unable to find a reason or who to blame for the disaster. In short scenes we can see pictures of the affected areas and persons, in grey scale because of the sadness of them. Then as the singer realizes that all it takes to rebuild their home and achieve peace is to stand up and cooperate with every helping hand, the typography becomes more firm and taller. In the last scenes we can see a rise of colors in the pictures shown, encouraging the people to be the light that will help their country or society to achieve peace and prosperity.

What a wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
Video Lyrics by:
Rafael Hernández

This song was chosen for its emotional message, which demonstrates peace and coexistence of human beings. How beautiful the world and nature. The love and affection of the people together. We illustrate and create a video based on these messages, we create an animated video for their music.

Rafael Ramos's insight:
The song describes some of the beautiful and wonderful things about our world and only focuses on the good things about it, in a means to encourage people to love and enjoy all the special little things about our world, which also implies the idea of getting rid of all violent and destructive behavior and/or state of mind. Plus it uses alliteration on the lead phrase “What a wonderful world” to emphasize the importance of this idea.

In our video, we decided to base our graphic content mostly on what is being narrated throughout the song, given its very detailed and descriptive nature.

Song: Midnight by coldplay
Video Lyrics by:
Andy Rodriguez:

Andy Rodriguez's insight:
The typeface used was Seriff. It was used to preserve the minimalism of the song and video, a video
cover of the video was recorded and used to give impetus to this video, besides that makes it different.

The song "midnight coldplay" talks about following your path until light; it's a different way of saying that we have to stay calm during the troubles because after PEACE arrives.
Animations were simple for the lyrics because I think it looks cleaner this way and more aesthetic, I filmed this video with my sister, we worked hard in the video, We went to Falcon on a trip to record it and the result was very good.
The black and white colors were used for the background and the lyrics to preserve the tranquility, peace and relaxation that produces the video.

Song: Scare away the dark - Passenger
Video Lyrics by:
Mariangela Velasquez:

Peace can bee seen differently for every other person, in my opinion peace is kind of an utopic idea, and not because it is impossible to reach but because it is so simple and easy that we think it is too good to be true. There has always been said that the only way to solve a problem it is to look for the cause of it. And this song talks a little about it. It talks about the way we behave, of how sometimes we let the routine of the daily life pull us apart from our families, how we pay too much attention to things that aren't worth it just so that we don't see that selfishness of human kind is taking over the world and it is leaving nothing meaningful for other generations. And it demonstrates it through the most simple examples so that any person who hears it can understand it in their own way.

Descriptive memory:
For this video, I used two types of fonts both of san serif type. One is in bold form and the other one in it's thin font, this way a balance is created between the use of them. For the background I created an image of a city landscape, in wich the most noticed aspect is the sky and the free birds flying around it, and the colors that can be seen there are mostly blue, black and white . With this what I am trying to create is the idea of stormy "normal" city with its regular chaos but with a very big quiet a relaxing sky above it that no many people seems to notice nowadays. And in between them there is the lyrics of the song playing.

Video Lyrics for Peace Part 1

September- December 2014 Class worked really hard on creating video lyrics with songs to promote world peace. These are the works of the different groups:

Name of the song: Same Love. by: Macklemore x Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert
Video lyric by:
Jesus Agreda
Alessandra Briceño:
Fernando Gonzalez:

Alessandra Briceño's insight:
As a group we had the idea of creating this Video Lyrics with a Stop Motion of Sticky Notes. In the process, the three of us took a lot of pictures, probably more than a hundred, one of us took pictures meanwhile the other two put and took all the sticky notes. After having all the photos we took turns to edit the video putting all the pictures together changing according with the lyrics of the song. Each one of us gave his opinion to write the descriptive report of the video which the link will be at the end of thins insight. After all, we worked together to bring out the best of each other to make this beautiful meaningful video.

Some photographs taken are blurred or out of focus and this is because we tried to connote the vision or thinking of some people. There are people that it’s so closed minded that wouldn’t take the time to analyze and reflect what the real problem here is. The problem is not whether people are gay or lesbian but the rejection of other people reacting to this. We should respect each other beyond our taste for women or men, our skin color, religion and economic status.

We shouldn’t discriminate people just because they want to marry or love someone of their same sex, they should be free to love without any restrictions or being afraid. We need peace in this world, we need love, we need to understand that to build a better place every little thing starts with ourselves. We need to change from inside out to lead other people to change for a better world where the newest generations will follow the example.

In my opinion, some Americans think that being obese is a disease but being homosexual it’s a choice which is completely absurd. Because people not being healthy or eating well it’s a choice, to not take care of their own body but being homosexual to love someone without thinking of their sex its absolutely not a choice. Homosexuals do not chose to be this way and of course they do not chose this to be bullied, discriminated and so on.

We shouldn’t be afraid of being different because that what makes us unique and beautiful. To everyone that is reading this, I am telling you its ok to be different there will always be people there to support you, in the meantime if there are people that don’t just don’t worry try to make a statement and share your stories don’t be afraid and keep your heads up. Smile :D

Jesus Agreda's insight:

In my particular opinion I think this was an amazing experience, working with this lyrics was so great. This song is so inspiring for all the people that listen to it, It makes the people think for a minute and start changing about how to make the world better, acepting to all the people who thinks different, and first of all respect them, without   looking at their sexual orientation.

Fernando González's insight:

To be honest, I have really enjoyed the experience working on this Lyric Video because it is a creative idea of writing a small phrase or word from the lyrics of the song in different type styles. Plus, it's also a great strategy to encourage young people to spread love, peace, kindness and acceptance.

We shouldn't discriminate against others just because they way they are. We have to support and respect other people's rights. So let's not let a few people who stand in our way wreck that. Its ok to be different because that's what makes you special. Just be yourself, that's it. :-)

Name of the song: Happy.  By: Pharrell Williams
Video lyric by:
Yenile Baptista:

The final workshop it’s about making a video lyrics of a song, the concept is “peace”

You can’t make a video about peace if you don’t know the meaning, so I searched it. I understood “peace is be ok with you, without problems, be in calm”.So, the song what I chose is Happy by Pharrell Williams

About the song and peace

This song represents  inner peace because when you’re happy with you, you are in peace. That’s why the song says “It might seem crazy what I’m about to say because when you’re happy you can make things that people doesn’t like or they think that’s wrong, but for you  it’s the correct.
The other part about this song “Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do“
When you find what you really want to do with your life, that’s the real inner peace.

About Graphic Design

The graphic concept of this video its simplicity and clarity, it’s only text but with a wallpaper yellow, because this color it’s a vibrant color and it represents the happiness.

I really enjoyed make this video, it’s was a good final project. Thanks for all prof ;)

Name of the song: Zombie.  By: Cranberries
Video lyric by: Kelly Castro:

Kelly Johanna C's insight:
This is the report about the Video lyric:

It is always good to think "life is beautiful" and "you have to see the good part of things" because it's true, there are many things that make our life wonderful but, I think, we have to be able to see farther than that. We must be aware of what's happening out there. We can't live in a bubble and don't pay attention to bad things, It has to be in balance. That's why I chose this song.

There are many "zombies", people without souls, that kill other people in order to "make peace". They have a strange concept of life, they think killing few persons they are going to succeed in life. That's not correct. They are taken from their moms and they grow up only watching the bad things of life and following orders. They think war is the only way.
Back to the point that i was talking before, in this lyric, they show us how people have been affected with the passing of the years thanks to the zombies that are controlling and damaging innocent people.

I chose to do a simple video lyric, black background with white letters in order to emphasize the strong words.

The letter of the song is simple but direct. the message is there. We have to stop living in a bubble and do something to stop this nightmare, this war. If we have to see the darker side of life to be aware of what's really happening and start helping each other to find another way to make peace, then, we have take off the eye bandage.

Name of the song: We Believe.  By: Good Charlotte
Video lyric by:
Sorybeth Contreras
Leonardo Rivero
Gabriel Timaure

Determinants: select a song, with a specific topic like; love, hope, peace or reference to this topics.

When we thought about the song that we will choose, we listened to “we believe” of Good Charlotte, and we thought that it will be a great choice because it’s about somebody that lost someone and other problems in life that probably happened to us. But the song it´s about hope and that its the true meaning of life, there will always  be problems but we have to think that there’s always somebody for you, right by your side, somebody to love, somebody to fight for. And also we have to think that love can do anything and can be the solution to our problems. The song is for all of us and it makes us think that no matter the problems because always we have to believe.

We listened to the song and immediately thought about that how life turns upside down and that's what we wanted to put in the video. The lyrics are put in differents parts of the video because that is what happen in real life, anything can happen and that's what we can represent.

The next step was picking colors and typography, we think about blue, sky blue and white. First we try to put blue that is a strong color to represent what happened in the video the more expressive parts, then we use sky blue because we wanted to have a contrast between all the colors, that's why the rest of the lyrics are sky blue, and the chorus the lyrics are white because is the most important part of the song and we can remember it because of the contrast and the important thing that the song wants to say to us. The typography is simple in some parts is San Seriff and other with Seriff we play with the sizes of this and make it look great.

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Final project Jan- April 2015

Final Project

* Select a right from the declaration of universal rights.
* Create an illustration
* Write a descriptive memory of your illustration. Explain how you did it.. what elements you consider to create your illustration. Include the human right you are illustrating. Explain it.
* Write a use of the language description:
  1. Select a sentence and analize it.
- Indicate: subject, predicate, Noun phrase (head noun, premodifier, post modifier), Verb phrase (main verb, helping verb, tense)
- Part of the speech.
  2. Post your report to
  3. Create a poster  in SL: include a note card with your report and a link to your scoop.