Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3rd Term Assessment Jan-Apr 2012

Greetings, my dear students! We got to the end of this adventure together. It's been interesting. Hope you guys have found what we shared benefitial to your career.

3rd term Assesment

Final project: 10 pts
Blog posts: 10 pts

Final Project Post:
The exhibition of the projects will take place in Second Life. Each group must have a stand to exhibit their proposal for the project in world (second life at URBE EFL Center in SL). The stand must include the products designed as well as a description of the project. Include the names of the participants and their avatars.

Students will post their projects in their blogs individually: products, description of the project, individual participation and their opinion of the project. Images and opinions of the experience in Second Life. Images of the Avatars and their names. Also, they will post the slide of their final presentation describing their projects.

Blog Posts: 
Unit 6: Job Interview - Prepare a questionnaire of ten questions and practice answering those questions with the information related to the job you selected, cover letter and resume.

Unit 7: How to -  Write a post explaining how to build a poster or something simple in sl. Add images of the session we shared in class. Is it easy or difficult to build in this virtual world? what could you build here?

Unit 8: Skimming and Scanning - write a post with the exercises in this lesson.

Interview to Jenne Dibou - Write a post about the interview we had with this designer. Add images.  Write your opinion of it.

Well, have fun and keep on shining Love and Peace! Doris3m