Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Posters and infographics for Peace

Posters for Peace

Posters for Peace  was the final project for students of the May- July 2014 Class. They were supposed to design a poster to promote peace. Some of them worked on their own and some of them worked in groups. All of the posters were posted in their scoops and also in different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and also in the virtual world of Second Life.

Students presented their works in class, where they explained how they did their work. They focus on the use of the language and the design techniques they applied in their posters. A group of educators from around the world were invited to comment on the work of the students allowing to get critics on their work.

These are the posters:

Daniela Morales
Daniela Morales
Elliot Quintero
Gal Ramirez
Joseph Ramirezromero, Greddis Martinez and Lenin Romero 
Josii FernandezBobby HartwellJoseline Fernandezand Daiana Yauhari.
Liucelis Villegas
Mervis Carrizo 
Paola Verdu
Rossana Chechile
Rossmely Leon 
Please, visit this posters in Facebbok and leave their authors a comment.

Keep on shining Love and Peace, everyone!

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