Monday, October 26, 2009

2nd Term blog posts

For the second term, your teacher must find in your blog the following posts:

1. Climate change: your opinion and tips on how to stop climate change. (you can add video, images, links, games...)
2. Second life Avatar: Post  a photo of your avatar, add your teacher (Pionia Destiny), and your classmates avatars to your contact list in SL.
3. Cover letter for the entry level position job you selected. Follow the guidelines in the powerpoint presentation on unit 4.
  1. Article related to your GREEN ENGINEERING final project.
  • Select two paragraphs from your article.
  • Choose  3 sentences per paragraph.
  • Describe the parts of the words in the sentence.
  • Select three words and find their definitions in an online dictionary.
  • Visit at least two blogs from classmates and leave a comment. Add the link to your classmates blogs.
***** Rememeber: blogs entries must have
  •  a tittle
  •  an intruction to the topic of the post
  •  images, links, videos relates to the content you are posting about.
  • closing (invite readers to leave you comments)
  • tags
image: C-Monster

Friday, October 16, 2009

The project is on!!! Go Green Teams!

Well, groups got together and are getting ready to look at green problems caused by their engineering fields.

Group 1: Henry Vasquez Miguel Fernandez  are from Electronic Engineering School and they will be working with Jaiver Castillo from Industrial Engineering    School.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blog Action Day! URBE says we are here!

Bloggers from URBE... This is an invitation to participate in the Blog Action Day! This year the theme is Climate Change. On October 15th, bloggers from the world will post about this important issue. Let's our blog say what we think about it...

All you need to do is put up a post relating to the topic of climate change on October 15th and link to somewhere in your post. Go to Blog Actio Day site and register your blog. Hope to see you all there...

Climate Change... is happening...Watch the video and leave your comment!

Interesting and powerful ways to get involved in Climate Change  movement: