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Art of Escher  /  Beast  /  Clowning 

26th FEBRUARY  - 11th MARCH 2012 (PST)

"EPOCH" creators and designers, it's a great opportunity for showcasing what they do in SL. They create something for the event, put their unique point of views into items, and collaborate with other designers to inspire each other. Also EPOCH will be a perfect chance for shoppers and art fans to check talented designers and their latest works all at once.

On the 26th February, very first EPOCH event called "EPOCH-Legend" will be open. We've got more than 50 shops, 3 themes and 4 venues to present you the best 2 weeks fair full of fun.

We have 3 themes; "Art of Escher", "Beast" and "Clowning", and exhibit each one in the themed venue on different sims. Hop from one to another!

Theme :  Art of Escher 
Venue : hosted by Forgotten City, decorated by Uriah Eulenberg
Participants : 2byte / Del May / Epoque / ISON / La Malvada Mujer / maitreya / NERD PROJECT / nordari. / Nylon Outfitters / skin& bones vespertine / Vita's Boudoir / Vive9 / Willow / Yummy / {what next}

Theme :  Beast 
Venue : hosted by Tee*fy, built by Azure Electricteeth
Participants : (pda) / *Art Dummy! / *deviant girls* / [pivaaca] / AITUI TATTOO / Antebellum / BALACLAVA!! / Cheap Makeup / graph* / Ladies who Lunch / LaGyo / mijn.bötique / Olive Juice / PIDIDDLE / Sleepy Eddy / Tee*fy /Toki-Doki / Whippet & Buck / Zigana

Theme :  Clowning 
Venue : hosted by North West, built by nyasyousa oh and shiroyagi  writer
Participants : *mikan / *MY UGLYDOROTHY / Beetlebones / Body language by Sweet Lovely Cute / Boudoir / COYURA CREATION / duboo / Five minutes after / fore / House of Fox / HPMD / Iruco / Lisp Bazaar /LOVE SOUL / Milk Motion / North West / Ohmai / Picnic / PRISS / The Secret Store

Creators Cafe 
Creators Cafe is built for designers, creators and bloggers or anyone to communicate each other. Also it's a place linking up all the venues.  This cafe has not only portals, but there are a theatre, DJ booth and all the installation for coming up events. Even we have changing rooms for you to unpack boxes you've got from other venues.

To communicate with other cretors, or for a hang out place to catch up with other bloggers, or simply spend some time in this cozy place, please have fun in this Creators Cafe.

What's your mission for this term..?

1. You have two weeks to go participate in this wonderful event.
2. Select 1 venue and visit it. Also visit the Creators Cafe. You can visit all venues if you want to.
3. Take pictures of what impresses you the most. Describe your experience in your blog. Write from the point of view of a designer and a creator.
4. Prepare a questionnaire of at least 5 questions to ask the creator about designing and his or her work in SL. (include a little bio of the designer and photos of his or her work).
5. Visit the blogs of two designers and give your opinion.
6. Have fun. You can do this by yourself or in pairs. 

*** You can find more information in the blog of the event:

Keep on shining Love and Peace!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1st Term Assesment Jan-Apr 2012

Greetings, my dear students! We got to the end of this term. It's been interesting. Hope you guys have found what we shared benefitial to your career.

1st Term Assesment

1st term test: 10 pts
Blog posts: 10 pts

Blog Posts:
1. Final Project Post: Post your project in your blog (all members must do this individually). Write about these questions: What's the project about? Why is it important? How do you relate it to your carrer? Who are the participants in the project? what are their responsibilities in the project?  How are you doing it?

2. About blogging. Write a post following the task here:

3. Introducing yourself. Write a welcome post about you and a friend of your class:

4. Unit 1. Work on the activities in the benchmark and the assigment on unit1.

5. Interview a Graphic designer.Use these questions. Remmeber to add a photo of the person you interview.

6. Unit 2. Work on the activities for the unit..

7. Second Life. Write a post about your experience on SL. What's your avi's name? Post a picture of the avi and keep a record of the activities you have participated in. Our meeting point in sl is

Well, have fun and keep on shining Love and Peace!