Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Final projects Jan-April 2012

Well, we got to the third term. Time to work on finishing the project. But what's the project about?  groups will work on ideas related to their field of expertise.

Final Project Groups:

Group Number 1
Corporate Identity - Corporative Design
Jessica Nieto, Julio Monagas, Rossina Suarez y Alejandra Bajayo

Group Number 2
A magazine - EditoriaL Design
Rafel Sifontes, Nataly Palacios, Joselyn FuenmayorLeydimar Pineda, y Ariana Fuenmayor

Group Number 3
A Museum  - 3D Design
Andres Arrieta, Andres Villavicencio, Ana Atencio and Mariana Carradini

Group Number 4
A website

Nahir Brinez

The exhibition of the projects will take place in Second Life. Each group must have a stand to exhibit their proposal for the project in world (second life at URBE EFL Center in SL). The stand must include the products designed as well as a description of the project. Include the names of the participants and their avatars.

Students will post their projects in their blogs individually: products, description of the project, individual participation and their opinion of the project. Images and opinions of the experience in Second Life. Images of the Avatars and their names.

Well, this is going to be fun! See you in SL!

Pionia Destiny

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