Monday, September 22, 2008

Announcing Bloggers from Sep-Dec08!

Here they are... Engineers that would be blogging their experiences during this trimester. Let's get started:

Alexander Jose
Heberto Bermudez
Jose Miguel Esis
Augusto Sanchez
Daniel Ocando
Antonio Visentin
Luis Rossi
Julio Coronado
Valery Delannoy
Gerardo Gutierrez
Miguel Martínez
Freddy Gonzalez
Leandro Acosta
Christopher Greaves:
Marilenis Montero
Eva Paez
Heberto Bermudez
Diosana Bermudez
Luis Quiroz
Armando Perez.
Marisabel Jabardo
Alirio Rincon:
Gabriel Perez
Daniela Acosta
Helios Sierraalta
Vicenta Parra
Roberto Guadarrama
Reyker Torres
Elis Flores
Eduardo Iragorri


Eduardo Iragorri said...

Eduardo Iragorri

elis77f said...

Elis Flores