Sunday, March 30, 2008

Unit 7. How to....

Interesting projects those in the video. Don't you think?

Now, something extra on Robots.. just for fun?

Task 1. Find a Think Green How to video related to your field of expertise. You can go to E How, Video Jug, PC World, How Stuff Works

Task 2. Write a post on your blog about it. Don't forget to write an introductory paragraph explaining why you selected that video, how it relates to your area and why should engineers care about the environment. Next, summarize your video and post your video in your blog.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Unit 6. Job Interview!

Getting Ready for your Job Interview

This videos will give you an idea on how to prepare for your interview. Watch them and read the article suggested.

VideoJug: The Job Interview

Watch the video and check the following questions:

Task 1. Write a post in your blog summarizing what you learned about being interviewed for a job position.

You can also watch this other video for more information
The Interview Questions

Source: Videojug

These are the articles to read:

Basic interview questions with answers - 1

Basic interview questions with answers - 2

Example Interview Questions

Nine Steps to Acing a Job Interview

Be memorable by telling good stories about yourself


Microsoft job interview Process and sample Questions

Task 2. Prepare a questionnaire of ten questions and practice answering those questions with the information related to the job you selected, cover letter and resume. Be ready to interview a partner and record your interview.

Keep on shining!