Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Interesting links for everyone!

Hi, There! well, this post is to recommend some interesting sites in the internet that were recommended by some of you...

Let's start with Amanda Perozo. You can visit her blog "Welcome to my Life" and find out more about her. She's an industrial engineering school student and she recommended Strange Matter.

It's a fun site where you can learn about materials. They have games, experiments, videos and more that tackle the four big things materials scientists study.

Alexis Pirela is an electronics engineering student, You can visit his blog "Electronic's Blog" and read more about him. He posted a link to a great Electronics Glossary.

This glossary was abstracted from the book, Bebop to the Boolean Boogie (An Unconventional Guide to Electronics), with the kind permission of LLH Technology Publishing, Eagle Rock, VA, USA.

Angel Quesada another Electronics Student posted this awesome video in his blog. You can visit his "A little about me" blog and enjoy more videos like this.

He also recommended this great site "How Stuff works", it's excellent if you want to know how things ... any thing works.. believe me they explain all sort of things.

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