Sunday, April 20, 2008

Farewell ... January - April 2008 Level 7!

Well, before we leave this level 7 experience, I want to ask you one more thing... please, visit your partners blog and leave some farewell comments... Here you have the blogs..

Diego Añez :
Robert Romero:
Luis Godoy:
Claudia Hernández:
Daniel Torrealba:
Daniela Jiménez:
Jorge Guevara:
Jose Duarte:
Hermilo Castillo:
Ayman Dabian:
Juan Tovar:
Edgar Ocando:
Carlos Conejo:
Alexis Pirela:
Andrea Ferrer:
Angel Quesada
Nathali Carrasquero:
Angel Quesada
Amanda Perozo

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