Thursday, June 19, 2008

Unit 5. Resume

Resume Writing
Ok, you have located a job in the internet, wrote a cover letter... now it's time to write a resume... a winning resume, of course.

Well, again ... let's go to Google and find some resume samples for your expertise area... For example:,,

Read the article about writing a great resume.Arm Yourself With a First-Rate Resume . This is another interesting article for people who doesn't have any experience: How To Write a Resume (When You Have No Job Experience)

Following the advices in the articles, draw a mind map of your resume.

Write your resume... you can select the kind of resume you want. Make sure your resume includes everything you need to get the job you selected and wrote a cover letter for.

Here you have some Action words and Useful Vocabulary for the Resume and Interview.

Well, that's all for finding a job, writing a cover letter and a resume. Don't forget to post all your work in your blog.Keep on shining!

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