Monday, June 8, 2009

This week 08/06 - 13/06

Class 07: Week 08/06-13/06

In this class we worked with our projects. Teams got together and started working on their projects. IF you haven't got a team yet... join one. Check the teams that are already working and find out if they need a new member. You can visit the May-July09 team's page and contact the members. Ask them to allow you to join them.

We also discuss about leadership and assigned to check out a Leadership presentation you can find here, and write a comment in your blog about what you think a leader is.

Since you will be drawinfg a mind map for your project, we talked about how to draw a mind map. Here, Mind maps ... how to. it's a great video to watch and get some tips on how to draw mind maps.

If the problem is that you can't think of a problem for your project: visit one of these blogs for green ideas. Best Blogs to Save the world

Finally, we tried to watch David Merril's Video on TED Talks

Remember to write in your blogs... what we did and discussed this week. You should be working on your wiki page collaboratively and in your blog individually.

Have fun and if you need any help let me know... Google talk is always there....

Keep on shining Love and Peace!

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PhoebeGomez said...

Theacher how can I joined a grup!
Because i don't know.