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Class Details Jan-Mar2012

Class Details 

Mornings and afternoon School
4-year University
Credits 2.0 credits / 3.0 hours Required course
Course Type: For Academic Trimester
Level taught:Level 7
Group taught:G711
Office located: ESL Center - Dirección de Ingles. Building F 1rst Floor
Lab: G-11

Instructor: Dr. Doris Molero de Martins
E-mail address:
Facebook: Doris Molero
Twitter: doris3m
Second Life: Pionia Destiny
Virtual Office Hours Monday through Friday 8 - 9 pm

Course Description
This course focuses on classroom activities, during which students will discuss, read, listen to and write on particular topics together. Ideally, the course will enable students to develop and express their own insights and experience with respect to different aspects of the English as a foreign language. At the same time the course wants to integrate technology as a way to help students in their multiliteracy development and the learning of a new language.

Course Objectives
1. To encourage students’ critical thinking on the relationship between language and culture.
2. To encourage students' oral and written exchange and interaction
3. To use web 2.0 tools to learn EFL and multiliteracies.
4. To participate in international collaboration communities or social networks.

Evaluation Criteria&Grading
First term= 10 + 10 pts   30%
Second term= 10 + 10 pts   30%
Project presentations + Attendance, Homework, Quizzes and Class participation = 10 + 10 pts   40%
** Bonus tasks get  extra credits

Course Requirement& Attendance Policies
1. Active participation in classroom discussions and activities is expected from all students.
2. Cell phones and beepers should be turned off in class.
3. Being more than 15 minutes late will be counted as an absence.
4. More than three unexcused absences will result in a failing grade.
5. No make-up presentations will be permitted, except in case of documented emergency.

Materials to be used
Hand outs and online materials
Headphone and a microphone
Pen drive/mobile phones
Computers/ internet

Online references Online references will be published on the Blog

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