Sunday, April 5, 2009

Example on how to go Green

Wow! Even the NBA goes green. I found this interesting article about basketball players that go green. If you go to the NBA site, you will find the following tips on how we can go green:

Tip #1: Surfing the Net?
Shut off your home laptop or desktop computer, monitor and printer when you aren't using them. You can cut energy costs by shutting off devices you're not using them.

Tip #2: Time for a Tune-up
Get regular tune-ups for your car's engine, change the oil and keep your tires inflated properly. Proper maintenance can increase your car's fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Tip #3: Simply Unplug
Are you charging your cell phone or other electronics? Unplug chargers for cell phones, cameras and other hand-held products when they aren't charging so you can save power.

Tip #4: Stopping for Snacks
When you're taking a snack break, look to only take only one napkin when you order food or beverages, and refuse a bag unless you really need one.

Tip #5: Fill Up for Gas?
Check your tire pressure. If we kept our tires properly inflated, we could save 2.8 billion gallons of gasoline a year and help curb global warming pollution

for more tips.. go to the NBA site.

Now, they also have a you tube channel, there you can find some interesting ideas on how to go green and save the world... the green engineering way.

Steve Nash's Efforts to Go Green
NBA All-Star Steve Nash discusses his interests and efforts to give future generations a healthy environment.

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