Thursday, April 30, 2009

Green: Webcast

Webcasts are an excellent way to get trained for free using the internet. This is an example of a great webcast that explains how IBM is going green. According to them:

Creating Eco-responsibility in Your Business
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"Going Green" can help organizations dramatically reduce costs and improve the overall efficiency of their operations. Many executive boardrooms are keenly focused on becoming more eco-responsible. This informational session will help you gain an understanding of the financial, operational, social/regulatory, and global value of "Going Green".

Presented by: Rich Lechner, Vice President, Marketing and Strategy, IBM Enterprise Systems, IBM

This webcast took place on 25 Feb 2008 | 29 min Audio

These are the links to the webcast, slides and transcript:

Webcast: Creating Eco-responsibility in your business

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After you watch the webcast, please write a post in your blog about the financial, operational, social/regulatory, and global value of "Going Green" you listen to and read about in this webcast. Also write about, How does this webcast can help you to be a green engineer in your field of expertise?

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